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Old 26.01.2009, 18:21   (permalink) #16
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Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Seattle, WA
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Oh, and later on I tried to help my buddy kill him. My high elf was about level 20 by then and his was 17. I didn't see what level the chieftain was, but he wasn't going down as fast this time. We did finally start making progress and had him halfway when a level 41 came along and whacked him in one blow. Hehe.
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Old 31.01.2009, 19:02   (permalink) #17
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I beat him at lvl 11 on my dryad in one try. Root, dot, and normal attack. Took a while, but since i kept him rooted for 75% of the time, I didnt have too much trouble with my own health.

When he throws the rock i just move. Just make sure u keep up the attacks. Any break in attacks and he heals up quick. The root has a dot, plus the dot with a slow, helps to keep the health going down. I was speced with most of my points in tactics lore, and a couple of bonus points in tactics lore as well so my normal attack hit hard. When his HPs got low, i hit him with the disease instead of the dot and it was all she wrote. Good challenge for an early boss IMO, and i hope they all stay that way.

Its best to keep your spell window up for easy switch. Only had a spot for 2 hotkeys at the time. One thing i hate about this game more than anything else. Shame you cant just hotkey all your abilities...would make my life sooooo much easier.
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Old 04.02.2009, 06:27   (permalink) #18
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I remember having trouble with him on closed with my pyro elf. I didn't have incendiary at the time though. Once I got incendiary and used it it still took a bit of time but I could kill him.

Clearing the shamans an other kobolds out helps a lot I think.
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Old 04.02.2009, 15:20   (permalink) #19
15 seconds man and gud spellr to.
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I managed to spawn the Kobold Chieftain at character level 4 with a fire based spell casting HE.

I noted it had high physical and fire resistance. Hmmm. My character only cast fireballs and incendiary showers at that point. And yes, any pitifully small damage I dealt to it was quickly healed.

So. I took a page from Sir Brian. I BRAVELY RAN AWAY!!!

I'll get you later I thought. I played for quite a while elsewhere...

I found a sword with conversion physical to poison damage and by the time I returned, now level 10.

The KC was still only level 4, and it was fairly easy to chop him up in a few minutes.

So, even spell casting character can kill it with a sword that deals damage that is not fire nor physical.

All advice is PC based
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Old 04.02.2009, 19:10   (permalink) #20
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Join Date: Feb 2009
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You could probably also kill him with frost flare or something even without any skill supporting it. Or Magic Coup or the Delphic lightning spell. I haven't played much HE but I did kill him with ice shard once. At about level 5 or 6. I did have 3 pts in mystic lore.

In such a situation I would think the key would be to use a shield with enough armor so that he can't do much damage to you. That way it just take awhile. Kill the kobold minions first.
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Old 06.02.2009, 19:37   (permalink) #21
Oron Orcbane
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Join Date: Feb 2008
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Hey, guys.

I read this thread a couple of days ago, having not yet met the Kobold Chieftain - I've only been playing S2 for a few days and hadn't yet got that far.

Last night, in SP, I met him for the first time, with my lvl 11 HE pyromancer. Remembering what several of you had said here, I thought "aha, this'll be tough". Hit him twice with a Fireball, then just tanked him with a sword (not even a particularly unusual sword). Gone. Took about 30 seconds. I did take the precaution of stepping around him when he picked up a rock, but otherwise I didn't do anything special. And I didn't even have to hit space for a health potion, not even once, he barely managed to touch me. And that's with HE, note, not designed as a melee specialist - although with the Crystal Skin and Grand Invigoration buffs running (as they were in this case), the HE actually seems to stand up fairly well in melee.

So after you'd all led me to believe that he was very tough, I was actually a little disappointed that he was rather soft. I'm pretty certain my HE could have won against two of him at the same time, maybe even three with a little luck and fancy dancing. So what are you all grumbling about?

I hope there's something a bit more challenging later in the game ... and I gather that there is ...

Best regards,

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Old 16.02.2009, 12:39   (permalink) #22
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He's really hard when you specialize in pure fire damage, first time i got to him i tried to kill him with pure fire damage, but that wasn't doing any damage to him because he have good fire resist, so i killed him with Magic Coup and a club.
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Old 16.02.2009, 12:43   (permalink) #23
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He is dead easy to kill still in bronze. I killed him at lvl 6 (sword/shield based sw) and then I killed him again at lvl 18 in silver... 2nd time being much easier given I was using a legendary sword with pumped up magic damage(even if it was the bronze version). I found the mobs around him were harder than he was.
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