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Forum Basics FAQ

Always search before you post! This forum has just about every question you could think of answered more than once. So please make the effort to search for your answers before creating a new thread. We ask this to make searching the forums easier for everyone since the more threads that are in the forum means that much more searching everyone will have to do. Also we have compiled a ton of the most asked questions and game basics in the FAQ Section so check there first. An additional note to our veteran members... older threads regularly get pruned out of the forum, so before you scold someone for not searching just do a quick search yourself to make sure the threads that have answered a question are still around.

NOTE: If you have done a search and find just too many threads to weed through try using the Advanced Search. It is a great little feature that allows you to significantly reduce the amount of threads found in just a general search.

Advanced Search allows you to search in the following ways:
  • search entire posts or only thread titles for keywords
  • find all posts or just threads started by a particular member (great if you are looking for a post you know someone specific wrote)
  • find threads with at least/at most a certain number of replies
  • find posts from a specific time period and newer/older (again great if you are looking for a specific post but can't remember who wrote it)
  • sort posts by: revelency, title, number of replies, number of views, thread start date, last posting date, user name or by the forum it is located in
  • show search results as threads or posts to make searching easier depending on your preferance
  • lastly you can choose to only apply your search to certain forums, this way you don't get a lot of results from areas that you know wouldn't apply to your question
Please don't double post! If you have a question or want to make a comment on something but are unsure of what category it belongs in don't worry about it. You can post something just about anywhere and if the mods think it is better suited to a different area they will move it for you. Now I don't mean to just post anywhere, please still make the effort to post in the appropriate section anyway! But double posting creates a number of problems... it makes answering you harder since we don't know what people have told you in other copies of the post, it makes finding the answers harder for YOU since you have to check multiple threads and it just generally clutters up the whole forum. Also the mods will then have to work doubly hard trying to locate all the copies and merge them together or just delete some copies.

Make your thread titles and posts as specific as possible! We would like all the thread titles to be specific to the topic you are discussing for a number of reasons, the most important though is it makes topic searches must easier for others later on. Also sometimes your threads can be looked over by some because of a non-descriptive name and this isn't good for you of course because you want your questions to be answered. As far as the actual content of your posts... when you are asking a question please be as specific as you can be, include quest names, item names, town names or whatever else may pertain to your questions. We can't easily answer your questions if we aren't sure what you are talking about. Here are two more suggestions of info. you should always include when asking a question:
1) Which game you're playing (Underworld/Gold or Classic/Plus) and the specific version number.
2) When you're posting about a technical problem, always attach a DxDiag (pasting it makes the thread very hard to read). Because they're so often the key to diagnosing the cause of a problem, it's better to just attach it with the original post just in case.

Forbidden topics..... Discussions about how to crack games, download movies or music, Warez, Blacklists, Cracks, Trainers, Hacks, Illegal copies of games or specific cheats and how to enable them (for any game) is strictly forbidden on this forum. The only exception to this rule is Ascaron sanctioned mods, such as Sacred Vault's VeteranMod for Sacred Underworld because they are Ascaron sanctioned. If you ever have a question about whether or not a mod is considered "sanctioned" please PM a staffmember. This is a rule that is broken quite often... Sometimes a veteran of the forum will just make an innocent slip up which the mods quietly let them know about, but quite often this rule is broken by people that are new because they didn't read the rules. This is a very serious offense and we don't have this rule just to be mean... Breaking any sort of copyright laws is against the rules of the forum and web hosts connected to this site and can cause the hosts to delete this site all together if it isn't kept in check. Also if Ascaron allows such talk on their official sites it can give them a very bad name in the gaming community as a whole. Since we all obviously love Ascaron's games please take this into account... we don't want to cause them any unnecessary hassles.

Links to various translators:
Google Language Tools
Leo (good for individual German words)

And for any of you who use the Firefox or Mozilla browser:

Post Count Ranking System:

Trainee (Minimum Posts: 0)
Initiate (Minimum Posts: 20)
Apprentice (Minimum Posts: 50)
Wanderer (Minimum Posts: 100)
Citizen (Minimum Posts: 200)
Traveller (Minimum Posts: 400)
Champion (Minimum Posts: 800)
Shaman (Minimum Posts: 1500)
Knight Paladin (Minimum Posts: 2500)
Curate (Minimum Posts: 4000)
Gigant=Giant (Minimum Posts: 7000)
Drake=Dragon (Minimum Posts: 10000)
Spamzilla (Minimum Posts: 65535)

If you want to change your username or password... If you for whatever reason decide that you want a different username please don't just create another account. Please PM an admin about making the necessary changes for you. Passwords can be changed in the User CP options, when using one of the S2 skins.

If you forgot your username or password... If you've forgotten your login details please send an e-mail to from the e-mail address you used when creating your account. Keep in mind that they handle service issues for many types of accounts, so be sure to specify that you're talking about your forum account.

If you registered but did not receive your activation e-mail, or had problems with the link... There have been some cases where problems have occurred in the automated e-mail activation process. If you created an account before August 2007 and had this problem, please create a new account. If you have tried to create an account after August 2007 and encountered problems, please e-mail Carolyn Hacker from the e-mail address you used to register the account. You can find her e-mail address by clicking on her name at the bottom of any of the homepage news entries, or the kind people at the service address above will be happy to forward your mail to her. Please also be sure to fill in the subject and make it clear that it's related to the Sacred forum, so it's not accidentally deleted as spam.


The forum moderators are able to make any necessary changes to a post or thread including merging threads, deleting threads and/or posts, moving threads, closing threads and sticky threads. The mods can only make changes in the boards that are listed under their names in the staff listing so please pay attention to who you are contacting and make sure they are the right one to help you.
Admins- The forum admins can do everything a mod can do but they also can make any necessary changes to member accounts as well. This includes merging accounts, changing usernames and passwords, changing e-mail addresses associated with accounts and banning accounts.

For a full list of the forum staff please go HERE.
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