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Old 03.11.2004, 14:51   (permalink) #1
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Question Master Bite how to use

Hi All

I am having a silly problem, I can't seem to use Master Bite. I know that it should work, and that probably I am just doing it wrong. I select master bite to use, but when I move the cursor over apponents, it never allows me to use it. If I then change to Blood Bite, I can cast. Someone please tell me what I am doing wrong, as I would really like to try this out. I am sure that it is really simple problem on my side.

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Old 03.11.2004, 15:43   (permalink) #2
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are you in vampier form
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Old 03.11.2004, 16:02   (permalink) #3
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Don't bother even trying. It is the most useless thing there is because it is not working.
I made a test with my vamp few days ago and put MB to lv 25 or somethign like that. She casted it to all but dragons but it didn't have any effect on anyone. They had nice purple ring around their head but they were attacking me just like all other monster.

I think you need it to have some minimum level to even try to cast it on someone higher lv ones . My vamp didn't even try to cast it on dragons so maybe you need few more levels to that CA if you really like to try it but I would suggets not to waste runes on that.
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Old 04.11.2004, 09:40   (permalink) #4
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Hi Thanks for the reply, but I can't get it to work on anything. I am level 30 and my master bite is set to level 5 and I can't even cast it on the goblins in porto vallum. Yeah should have mentioned that I am in vamp form.

Does any one know if there are certain levels that you need etc, maybe the dev boys can let me in on how this is supposed to work, as I can't get it to do anything. I am running the plus version obviously. I am sure that there must be a reason for having this skill, even if it is for the commedy value.

So if anyone can let me in on this I would greatly appreciate it. If there is a requirement to have it the skill a certain level above the person that you are trying to convert, perhaps that should put that in the information about the skill, so that you know what you can or can't do.

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Old 07.11.2004, 05:07   (permalink) #5
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I have the same problem ever since i downloaded the latest patch. In the original version, there's no problem. Sooo.... Something is done to this skill. no idea man... saded. used to be a fun skill.
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Old 07.11.2004, 05:48   (permalink) #6
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Weird I was on close the other day partied with a vamp, and MB rocked totally...
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Old 20.06.2006, 07:26   (permalink) #7
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Hi to all,
I would also like to report this Master Bite irregularity too. Tried looking for a Bug Forum or a report a Bug link but could not find one. Bought Sacred-Gold so one can assume it is fully patched. Vampiress character could originally cast Master Bite. Used it successfully in Porto Vallum. After levelling up a few times, I can no longer cast it. Tried it in Crows Rock and Slaters Grave to no effect. Tried it on lower level enemies, humans and monsters - no effect. She is in vamp form, her CA icon is active but I can't right click on an enemy to cast anymore. Other CA's like Blood Bite and Mind Control still work. Hoping to get a fix on this. Thanks.
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Old 21.08.2006, 16:33   (permalink) #8
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it depends of the oponent lvl
Please excuse my gramatic, my english is bad.
Just a little vampire
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