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  1. About the elves
  2. The High Elf: Nature's Fury
  3. Can a High Elf be a good melee fighter?
  4. High Elf
  5. Mount Screenshot
  6. High Elf Info on TeamXBox
  7. High Elf Combat Arts Rampage! (Video)
  8. High Elf skills
  9. Video
  10. builds/CA
  11. CA Recharge Times
  12. Boss Hunt Video
  13. Fire Elf (guide)
  14. High Elves.
  15. What makes a good high elf build.
  16. Your Gear (time for show off) :D
  17. Sword or Staff
  18. Spell Resistance + Mystic Stormite?
  19. Delphic Arcania is it worth it?
  20. Is it good?
  21. Highest AOE Damage - Most powerful class in the game? You watch and be the judge
  22. [RFC]Spell Resistance or a Shield?
  23. Need some feedback and advice
  24. Stormite/Arcania stumbling along (quite well)
  25. Trade - Wtt
  26. High Elf Combat Arts/Modifications
  27. Raging Nimbus modifications
  28. Lightning Battlemage Study
  29. Mount is increasing regen rates
  30. Any viable ice build?
  31. Crashing problem.
  32. Ancient Magic skill
  33. Incandescent Skin Buff Question
  34. Help building a good elf :)
  35. Crystal Skin: Feel Cold or Focalize?
  36. Demon boss hunt. ^_^
  37. Novelty builds
  38. Crystal Skin mods
  39. Riding Dragon is useless.
  40. Fire Mage Opinions
  41. Defensive attribute
  42. My Fire HighElf build
  43. Blazing tempest: Faster regen vs higher dmg mod, concrete numbers
  44. Help Enlighten me on bargaining.
  45. help on my first mage
  46. Defensive fortress w/ modded Incandescent Skin
  47. Misfires
  48. Incandescent Skin and Recharge Times
  49. High Elf advice
  50. Grand Invigoration buff bug, post your stats, let us research!
  51. Class Direction questions.
  52. Where's the love for Combat Discipline?
  53. Cobalt Strike/ Magic Coup Modi
  54. Combat discipline VS Ancient Magic
  55. Fire/Delphic combo build
  56. So I bought a Wind Serpent
  57. Delphic/Ice?
  58. A few questions about my build. (F/D)
  59. Request High Elf set:Celdrahil's pandemonium
  60. CA Modifications - Need Advice.
  61. Mods question GI & IS
  62. High Elf Class quest ***Slight Spoilter***
  63. Noticed something strange
  64. Thinking About Armageddon (High Elf Pyro Base Build)
  65. Intelligence vs Vitality
  66. Ice Queen of the Delphic Mist !!!
  67. Constitution
  68. High Elf beginner info
  69. Hiding ugly buffs?
  70. General Info about High Elf !!! please help !!!
  71. Skill max
  72. spell bonus's
  73. A little helps on my HE Build.
  74. Informal character tests, int vs stamina!
  75. Better Buff Combination
  76. Shield Lore vs 2 handed staffs
  77. Did the patch affect your high elf?
  78. Ice Mage Advice Please
  79. Question about Staff Skill
  80. Melee Mage
  81. Glacial Thorns Post-patch
  82. HE Fire Demon
  83. Expulse Magic
  84. question about my high elf
  85. OMG Glacial Thorns!
  86. Does delphic arcania effect grand invigoration?
  87. Mount stats different on purchase window than actual?
  88. Glacial thorn mod pierce
  89. Staff/sword requirments
  90. Can mobs "evade" magic attacks?
  91. Thorns
  92. Building A Delphic High Elf
  93. Fire Demon? Worth wasting any more points?
  94. Help me figure out high elf
  95. Blazingtempest + damagelore
  96. Holy DPS!
  97. end boss teleport
  98. Does this work? or not worth it...
  99. Combat Discipline and spellcasters...is there a real benefit?
  100. Thorns inconsitent damage
  101. Question: does grand invigoration effect scale with level
  102. Highelf by far most easy charachter
  103. High Elf Build, Attributes, Weapondry and Armor...
  104. Spell Resistance
  105. HE beginning gear
  106. Help me! build help.
  107. HE randomly moves on right click
  108. My PyroElf Build
  109. HE levels
  110. RIP Ice Elf
  111. New patch effects'
  112. High Elf Set Screenshots
  113. Magic Coup Build
  114. Raging Nimbus super weak?
  115. Christmas spirits and CS mods
  116. Glacial Thorns Nerf
  117. What is Expulse Magic used for?
  118. Constitution Vs Shield Lore
  119. High Elf woes and assistance request.
  120. In need of some constructive critisism ...
  121. Have a question about Thorns
  122. Shadow Step & Vanish
  123. Question about GT damage and mods
  124. Fire glacial Thorns?
  125. My Ultimate Build (so far)
  126. Fire/Ice High Elf
  127. Need help with Nimbus build please
  128. Gear to farm for HE Fire-build?
  129. Question about GI
  130. Are you doing Sidequests or not?
  131. Death in the afternoon
  132. Fireball mods (and a little on tempest)
  133. Some questions about High elf (buffs/mods)
  134. crystal skin / nimbus mods
  135. Mathematical showdown
  136. Last 3 choices for fire elf... and many misc questions
  137. Not sure about this one
  138. Frost Flare
  139. What am I doing wrong, here?
  140. On getting zapped
  141. Fine tuning my lvl 34 high elf
  142. More Newbie Delph/ Fire HE questions
  143. Once I choose Skill can I revert?
  144. Build in english? :)
  145. Level 44 and 2 skills to go
  146. Regeneration Time help
  147. Ice Elf build advice
  148. Weapon Lore
  149. A different perspective.
  150. whats the best he build
  151. Can't cast spells on my Horse?
  152. Survival Bonus
  153. Classic High Elf Mage... maybe
  154. New to the game. HE as a 1st char finder/shopper?
  155. On being Color challenged
  156. Is the Alchemy skill woth taking
  157. High Elf build... help and advice sought
  158. Help me out with a build. :D
  159. Does DEATH BLOW work with damage based magic spells?
  160. Blazing Tempest
  161. Pyro HE - need advice
  162. Advise on Shadow Step and Expulse Magic
  163. Farming for Velarias and Faladals set pieces
  164. Need Hig elf build help
  165. About the Crystal Skin Mod
  166. Where do/did you put your first skill and attribute point?
  167. Best spells.
  168. Help with Pvp Build
  169. Enhanced Perception Skill - High Elf
  170. High Elf picture thread
  171. HE: Micromanage levels 1 to 20 (hints)
  172. Fire and Ice build?
  173. BT duration and status effects durations question
  174. Melee Skill Viable for Non-CA HE?
  175. Question about Arrant Pyro Focus
  176. Whats up with Frost Flare?
  177. Last (skill) but not least.
  178. Help With Skills: MF vs. Damage Lore
  179. High Elfs Gone Wild...o0
  180. Melee High Elf Magic Coup Build
  181. Whats a pyro to do???
  182. Newbie HE Pyro
  183. a quickie: what is the range of cob strike chain jump?
  184. This High Elf Chic Rocks!!!
  185. How Do You I Get Wind Serpent
  186. cobalt strike....opinions?
  187. HE quests
  188. Weapon Speed
  189. last skill
  190. HC char skills
  191. Regen times
  192. Ancestral Fireball
  193. High Elf Information
  194. Bad Elf
  195. High Elf and Tactics Lore/Damage Lore
  196. how do I take not a whole lot of damage??
  197. Im new please help me with an HE build
  198. ms. diamond dust's video debut
  199. boom. watch this
  200. a few questions
  201. rings and amulets
  202. ice vs fire based he comparison
  203. combo move???????????
  204. My HE has become painful to play :(
  205. HighElf is just too weak!!!
  206. Daemon the BEST of them all
  207. How do I get rid of Mary Ann
  208. Sheild lore or speed lore????
  209. Christmas Island bug??
  210. Fire & Ice HE
  211. NOOBIE HE Icy & DELPHY build
  212. New Version and the High Elf
  213. Delphic arcania build?
  214. The 1st mastery??
  215. Making an Ice HE and need help with mods
  216. Last to skills?
  217. GT advice please
  218. light or dark which way to play??
  219. please help me with my last skill choice
  220. HE - Low Life Heartbeat
  221. Struggling with HE-Ice
  222. I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  223. The HE is so much Hotter looking than the Dryad!
  224. fire damage
  225. Attribute points allocation
  226. 2X fusilllade or Frost?
  227. Charecters with exclamation symbols??
  228. ms. diamond dust: 1st two skill picks: Conc & Armour
  229. need help on choosing my lvl 35 skill
  230. christmas with an ice elf
  231. Magic Coup Life Leech mod
  232. combat discipline
  233. As a High Elf - read runes or not?
  234. Raging Nimbus
  235. Grand Invigoration: Gold Mod
  236. death blow and defence
  237. staff modifier
  238. Pyro HE with no shield in SP
  239. Help!!!!!!!!!!! with pick at lvl 50
  240. all skills or general skilss whats the differece???
  241. Advice: Lucrecia Ira Congelo -ice elf HC build
  242. Please Help with my build
  243. Could be a dumb question but...
  244. Damagelore
  245. spell resistance or bargining
  246. Casting speed question
  247. Hey guys love my high elf but need some help improving armor
  248. HC ice/delp - questions about attributes, and GI silver
  249. Buff gear
  250. Chance to knockback opponent